Alfani-Mens-Black-Leather-Bomber-Jacket-size-MOften when researching fashion as I do almost every day now.  Fashion is a strange scene with this addictive pull toward a center which doesn’t exist.  Strange love affair with the turn ons and loathing when the runway yawns.  If someone new to the seen which is honestly me who 6 months ago could not have picked the most gorgeous Anna Wintour from the tormented genius Lee Mcqueen. alfani-alfani-mens

Fashion is a creative universe nonexistent on any other level with honest individuality within our society with the bursting wallets to pursue that inner spectacle.  Egos glittering like diamonds and attitudes like the dynamite used to mine  those inner gems of personality within.  Even the Maison Martin Margiela’s amongst us speak volumes by being anonymous white tags on our art.

Diving deep only deepens the everchanging waters of this magical spark of free form personal expression.  When treading these tides several names keep reoccurring so when saturated with one topic the next often will be on a tangent toward the familiar.  Fashion has unbelievable amounts of past and present designers with luxury brands that seem to be hidden from anyone not making six figures.alfani tan leather

Alfani is one of those (no offense) generic retail names like Route 66, George, Jaclyn Smith, No Boundaries and all those 100% polyester sweaty crevice brands.    Alfani is a Macy’s private brand albeit open to the general public so in reality is as private as trying to pee on 3rd base in the middle of a baseball game.  Audience cam on that handsome man in the Alfani leather jacket on third =)alfani mens leather jack

As much as I would like to dislike this brand for calling itself fashion.  Which I feel it is not.  Yet do contradict myself  over and over so will save all my mental evaluations of what I think fashion should be.  The distaste comes with the fact that Macy’s does not take pride enough in the brand Alfani to announce the head designer, date of brands inception, put out a regular season, put on runway shows, yet call themselves a fashion line.  

Alfani fashion

On the website for Macy’s which I linked here Alfani is thrown into a huddle with literally Macy’s 16 other brands.  All of the aim to high end luxury at affordable rates with the same patronizing tones using different words to cover all personality types.  Whether Wal-mart or Macy’s generic is generic and there is nothing wrong with that.  Bought an ex of mine a Alfani leather jacket at Macy’s for $300 in 2006 which still looks and feels great granted it was well taken care of.  

This is not an affiliate post and I will not make any money at all for saying that.  A very small proportion of humans will ever own a Haute Couture item of any value which is a fact.  There is no shame in that with style being of the essence and tags being on the inside if  a man wears it fashionable than he is fashion.  If the man in the Versace is hiding inside it like a turtle send the turtle packing and put on the leather jacket.

Point being in my brief yet absorbed crash course into a world I have lived  in my own personal bubble which I never knew existed.   The surface of fashion shines with beauty and lush fantasy while the inner workings have dark demons of tormented elegance which are never satiated by the accomplishments.  In fashion doing good only ups the ante for the seasons keep rolling.  Pressure of of creative artist smothered by the capitalist agenda.  Yet is the fashion industry nothing more than the largest cog in that machine.  

In this sense Alfani fits the criteria for being a fashion line.  Nothing to brag about, but a man who is fashionable have no need to brag anyway.  My rule of thumb being is the product cheap as in crappy or inexpensive and Alfani is affordable quality.  With this I can only speak for the leather jackets not the clothes.  If I could afford a Gucci leather blazer it would be on my back, but any leather I sport will look good because I look good in leather.  Bet you do too, have a fabulous day folks =)

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