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Several Traits To Fashion Landscape That Turn Me On

There are several traits of the fashion landscape that turn me on. In a retrospective of my knowledge interests and memories of fashion my first draw was to leather jackets specifically blazers. My insatiable interest in the varieties of texture, colors, craftsmanship and sex appeal when stretched on the muscles of a man. The leather look blew my mind and still does.18 years old LBM


Heads Up All Of Photos Are Me To Prove My Expertise =)


Speaking of sex appeal that hunk smoking a cigar in the leather blazer below and throughout post is yours truly.  All the photos in this post are a representation of my keen lack of style and self acclaimed fashion genius.   Now back to my adoration of fine leather specifically on men (although ladies are just as sexy and beautiful).

OLB smoking a cigar in suit and leather blazer


Before Internet Era Fashion Was Out Of Reach

That notion did keep growing constantly extending into other avenues of thought. Designers of fashion being obscure, materialistic and out of reach to anyone that is not famous or wealthy. In general this is how the general public has placed a industry built on commercial grounds within our culture’s conscious collective.All of this has changed with the advent of the internet making fashion so much more accessible.

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Closest Most Folks Would Get To Paris Or Milan Fashion Was A Black & White Picture In Newspaper

Before the online universe blew up the closest the average person would get to Paris or Milan was a black and white picture with paragraph blurb. Usually a gorgeous alienesque and ultra thin model that no one could relate with. Never a male model pictured in the newspapers.  Plus unless fate placed a big city paper like the New York Times within my path that part of the world was nonexistent.

Striking Smackdown On Immature Thoughts Of Youth

Finding a random Times lying around was not so uncommon in the Philadelphia landscape I grew up in.  Which often led to wandering into the color section of the fashion week special edition. It was a striking smack down on the immature thoughts of youth and if my mom was around she would make me hide my eyes.

9th grade girlfriend and I LBM

There Was More At Play With Fashion Than The Surface Gimmicks

There was a nipple, an areola to be scientifically precise attached to a woman whose face was obscured by stretched material. That opened an eye to the idea there was more at play than the surface gimmicks of tall legs, perfect breasts with a domino of ribs floating up to a flawless face that rarely smiled.


14 years old LBM

Anti-Fashion And Grunge

Headline involved the words ‘Anti-Fashion’ a rhetoric which mirrored the grunge lifestyle that is still my essence 20 years later. Most folks may not believe this but my clothes are basically the same and I mean the actual same item not style. Labeled ‘Homeless Chic’ by my closest and coined by a teenager and her millennial friends over a decade ago.


Skinny Like Me Gracefully Strutting Beautiful Bubble Butt Down Runway


The second thing that came as more of a shock than a bare breast on a faceless beauty was the picture next to it. A beautiful male model. Skinny like me and strutting his small graceful bubble butt down the runway covered in a full leather suit. Something erupted inside of me like a volcano spewing heat from within that was not what some of you may be thinking.

OLB smoking a cigar in suit and leather blazer




Although you are not wrong either for the sexual magnet was a pulling and helped guide the most important notion of all of these. I am fashion.  Fashion in reality is anti-fashion for the only true way to be relevant or successful is through ingenuity and individual expression. As an artist there is a crossover in art and fashion, but they are not the same thing.

If art did not poke its weird, expressive electricity into the fashion scene it would be the one sided materialistic face of a cash register.

This register may be covered with glitter, but who cares when only the smallest percentage of the most elite see it sparkle. Anti-fashion brought this electricity full force merging politics, theater, shock and humanity not seen before in the fashion scene.  My hopes are that the stereotype of fashion move away from the commercial as far as possible and still maintain the unique character.

monkey and me

Fresh New Concepts Are Merging With Conservative Old Ideas In Fashion Leaving Opportunity

Ever so slightly invading Haute Couture allowing for fresh new concepts with old brand’s. Galliano’s take on Dior, McQueen bridging gap between his eccentricities and Givenchy old school luxury or stepping into future Olivier Rousteing pumping Balmain with modern sexiness. It speaks a lot of the fashion scene to have an ability to progress both creatively and commercially by merging past and present.

Fashionista Of The 90's Anti fashion and didnt know it LBM OLB

Fashion Scene Is Constantly Changing Season After Season

The fashion scene is busy and constantly changing season after season. Those of us who started late and did not grow up within the Haute Couture umbrella of regal taste does not mean anyone is excluded. This became even more reality when calling brand’s like Prada and Versace to male sure phone number was correct. When the phone rings fashion houses answer and very kindly even when telling them my real intention being just a measly blogger.

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Fashion Is Not Going To Find You; Bodyslam Yourself In

Fashion world is not going to find and invite you in for it is expected that anyone interested shove their soul in with a body slam. Even a body slam will get you very little without skill, a character to stand out or fill in gaps and the self discovery that fashion is life. Or wait your place in line at that sparkly unreachable register of commercial glamour here is the fashion week special edition to peruse for that eternity.

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