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Brioni was established in Rome Italy in 1945.  Nazareno Fonticoli who was a excellent tailor, and Gaetano Savini the entrepreneur who took notice of those skills to team up opening up first shop in Brionian Islands.  Brioni outerwear

That Brioni store is still in existence today with the only thing changing being that the country became Croatia. The fashion company decided to stick with former name of the country. 

Brioni 2013


Brioni was a very innovative influence on the fashion scene having started the first menswear show in 1952 at the Palazzo Pitti a former renaissance palace in Florence Italy.  $8400 BRIONI Butter Soft Leather Blazer Jacket Black Patch Pockets 40 M $1,998.00BRIONI_Beige_Tan_Full_Alligator_Leather


Brioni Men's Fall 2019With the new concept of menswear being part of the fashion scene Brioni decided to take it too the next level.  Hosting the first Trunks Show in which the pieces shown would be directly available in stores.Brioni-Fur

Not only was the immediate gratification of seeing an item and not having to wait, but doing so with quality.  In each store was a tailor ready to do a personal fit and sew to individual needs.Brioni-Spring-Summer-2020-Mens-Collection-Lookbook-011-450x675

$8400 BRIONI Butter Soft Leather Blazer Jacket Black Patch Pockets 40 M tag collar

This service was called Su Misura or made to measure.  Once again taking it a bit further and opening a full production factory in Fontocolli’s hometown of Penne Abruzzo in 1959.  With state of the art equipment the brand created  Prêt Couture or ready-to-wear Haute Couture.Brioni-Mens-Reversible-Lamb-Leather-Jacket-Dark-Blue

$8400 BRIONI Butter Soft Leather Blazer Jacket Black Patch Pockets 40 M pocketCurrently this may seem like such a regular part of the fashion industry that we do not appreciate the inception of ready-to-wear.  Ready-To-Wear is a huge step at bringing the untouchable and exclusive scene to be brought closer to regular folks.  This concept of factory designed luxury wear also brings the price range down which is still unreachable for most folks.

Brioni 2016
brioni fw2015
Fall/Winter 2015

Brioni fall 2013

Brioni Men’s Fall 2019
Fall/Winter 2014

Being such a huge influence as well creating a name with such fine tailored suits Brioni opened a tailoring school in Penne in 1985.  In 2012 French group Kerring bought Brioni with 45 retail stores located across the globe in 2015


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