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Burberry logo has a knight riding a horse with latin word ‘Prorsum’ which means forward and was registered in 1909.



Burberry Established in 1856

Burberry came about  in 1856 Thomas Burberry grew tired of measuring curtains.  When the young mans apprenticeship came to a conclusion at age of 21 he decided to open a store in Basingstroke, Hampshire England.


Burberry’s Quality & Style Makes Company Popular Yet Later Is Thorn In Side

Burberry’s focus was on outdoor attire with distinct patterns involving plaids and simple designs.  The branding would prove to be what sets Burberry apart from competition making them a lasting name in fashion.  That same branding would come back to haunt the company in the modern era.

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Burberry Moves To London In 1891; Still Headquartered In London

In 1891 Burberry moved to London’s Haymarket District.  That building still exists though not owned by Burberry the company still is headquartered in London.

Burberry Black Leather Jacket


Burberry Name Changes Settles on Original In 1999

Burberry was the original name which had been changed to ‘Burberrys Of London’ due to general public calling it that.  After a PR scandal in the late 1900’s and 2000’s which tainted the company through 2018 when Burberry announced the stopping of burning their own merchandise.

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Destroying The Brands Old Styles To Preserve Reputation

Most fashion houses have a little blemish or two some of them extending into full blown scandal.  Others blowing away in the wind never to extend further then a small rumor mill.  The Burberry situation led to a full on social conversation on classism when the brand was associated with ‘Chav’ culture.

BURBERRY PRORSUM Double Riders Black Men's Leather Jacket Italy Made size 44 Y33

‘Chav’ Culture is a Derogatory Term For Low Income Rude Youth Who Dress In Designer Clothes

‘Chav’ is a term used in Europe for low income rude and rebellious youth who dress in designer clothes and often where gold jewelry.  Often this style has led to football hooligans with a overall bad reputation that drive Burberry stocks into the ground.

Burberry Brit Iconic Quilted Men's Leather Jacket - Size S - Prorsum SS11

Rebranding And Destroying Past Liabilities Was A Success

In the 2000’s the company changed back to old name, changed the well known checker pattern on all but 10% of items and incinerated the rest.  Environmental groups and charities for the the poor complained albeit the scandal causing a rise in stocks in large proportions


Revenue Of 2.8 Million and 491 Stores In 51 Countries

In fact today Burberry is on the FTSE 100 Index and London Stock Exchange.  With a revenue of 2.8 million dollars and as of May 2016 498 stores in 51 different countries.  Also very notable was that until 1955 Burberry was family owned.

Burberry Has Way More Notable Traits & Accomplishments Than Bad

Wanted to get through the heavy details that may not look pretty, but Burberry rolled with the punches with obvious success.  Not hard to imagine when the company has had such star power since the 1960’s and 70’s in Hollywood.  Much further back in Burberry history are several extraordinary things to tout.Burberry Red Leather Trench

1. In 1879 Burberry invented Gabardine which was a type of yarn that was waterproofed before woven giving a strong and breathable material.  Similar to Belstaff with the waxy waterproof cloth they invented for aviation during WWII.  Many early fashion companies had to use great ingenuity  in developing style it was not all about looks.

Burberry WW1 Fashion Leatherblazermen Club

2.Roald Amundsen was first man to reach South Pole whom the company outfitted for the dangerous venture.  Also providing the clothing gear for Ernest Shackleton while he was the boss for first full expedition team to cross Antarctica.Shacklton wearing Burberry while crossing Antartoca Leatherblazermen Club

3. Due to war time demands on the human body while in trench fighting the first trench coat was created.  After the war trench coats stayed in fashion amongst society at largeRoald Amundsen Burberry

4. In 1924 a gabardine jacket was worn to the first trip to top of Mount Everest by a fellow named George Mallory.

AE Clouston sept 1936 Burberry

5. A speciality of the companies was aviation gear which Burberry designed for the fastest return flight from London to Cape Town.  The plane flown was specifically sponsored by Burberry.  The name of that plane was the Burberry and pilots were A.E. Clouston and Betty Kirby-Green

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