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Second Out Of Five Children Born On Coastline Of Normandy

Born on January 21, 1905 at the turn of the century the second of five children.  Granville was is a small town near coastline of  Normandy France also being birthplace of Dior.  The family was not extremely wealthy, but his fathers fertilizer business took good care of the family.dior_homme_spring_summer_2015_at_paris_fashion_wee_53ce01a12dDior-Homme-2015-Spring-Summer-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-leatherblazermen club

Christian Dior Had Loving Parents

Dior’s family is much the same as many others with a family that thought they had higher aspirations for his future wanting him to be a diplomat.  The way his story differs early on is that Dior had a family which supported his dreams beyond what was thought to be normal or successful.  Most of the time differing opinions within families lead to fights, feuds or some other drama that was curtailed in Christian Dior’s family by loving parents.


Dior Leather Blazer


Spring/Summer 2015

Dior-Catwalk 2019


Dior’s Art Gallery Out Of Parents Home Where He Sold Picasso’s

Dior had a art gallery out of his parents house with their financial support.  At the time Dior sold unknown treasures like paintings by Pablo picasso showing a refined taste even in his youth.  The Great Depression had striking impacts on life at the time and Dior’s father had to sell home ending Dior’s short career as art trader.   Selling sketch drawing of his own is apparently how Dior got his first gig at a fashion house.


Dior Homme

Worked for Piguet With Peer Balmain

Dior worked for Robert Piguet starting in 1937 and later joined the army for short period of time when he was enlisted.  In a strange twist of circumstances or just the small world we live in. Pierre Balmain another famous fashion designer worked beside him at Piguet gaining training and reputation from the early master of fashion.

Dior Kin Jones FW 19
Fall/Winter 2019


  Even more goosebumpy is the fact Marc Bohen at Piguet when Dior went into the army.  Bohen would later replace Balmain and years later in 1960 become head designer for Dior.  That is a lot to follow and it took me a minute to wrap my head around, but it shows that destiny had these guys pegged


Dior Leather Blazer









Dior Self Assured Of Future Success Turns Down Philippe De Gaston

Without getting to wordy and detailed with names there was a businessman who approached Dior to work for Philippe et Gaston a fashion house started in 1925.  A strong sign of Dior’s character is that he declined this offer having a confidence in his ability to start his own namesake fashion house.  In 1946 with the same businessman’s financial backing started the fashion house Dior presenting the first collection Corelle in 1947 with mostly good reviews.DiorMen-FW19-Backstage-MJJ_2552

The wartime culture and economy during WWII era played such a crucial role in the designs Dior created.  Lack of materials to make dresses coupled with the type of materials available did not allow for much leadway.  Yet this lack of play room within fashion design did not stop Christian from playing always having the means to pull off extravagance. 

Cannot help and think of what Dior would have made had there not been limitations of a wartime awful economy?  In fact in my mind it really seems a limitation and you will hear me speak of character a lot in this blog so hear it goes again.  The way a person works with what he has speaks great volumes of their character.  Dior’s dresses really did not cut out the excess fabric or curtail use of any for in his eyes and from his very lips 

“I create flower women”christian-dior-spring-2017-leather-dress-profile


Christian Dior New Self Well Not Bending To Opinion Allowing Himself to Create Unique Dresses With Shadows In Most Curve Enhancing Places

My respect for Dior extends to his ability to known himself and create a style of fashion all his own.  Very professional, business square designs which overflowed at spots or created depth sometimes causing shadows that otherwise would not have been there.  Of course these areas are the ones on a lady which are generally preferred curved and voluptuous. 



Dior Out Of Touch With Women And Wartime Culture

That respect does not extend so much to the excess aspect of Dior.  The ability to know ourselves also means that to be genuine and true to that self there is a depart from the general normal.  Dior often was at odds with female society at large which could cause conflict if that is the base customer of our service.   Being out of touch with the times did not seem to curtail the mans success for at one time the women complained of the long skirts he created being so used to showing leg with shortage of fabrics. 

Dior 2019


Dior Obviously Never Scrubbed A Floor, Probably Looked Fabulous In A Dress

In fact a riot almost once occurred when Dior models were attacked outside of a show for having long skirts on.  Never justifiable to attack, yet the angst highly understandable given the repression of women in our past that a man dictating their fashion so righteously.   Unlike Chanel whom created a dress that was utilitarian allows for a more comfortable housekeeping attire Dior thought scrubbing floors in a long skirt was beautiful.  Christian Dior obviously never scrubbed a floor.  The style would show a disconnect from the real women wearing the clothes changing over time as more women started working outside of the home. 

Although At Times A Bit Feminine Dior Created Some Nice Mens Leather Jackets

With my main theme being men in leather he did create some styles of mens gear that are very sexy.  Many of Dior’s men clothes are feminine to me as are the models with a puffy, exaggerated feel.  Pictures in this article are biased by being Dior mens leather jackets I think are attractive or cool.  Sometimes I like the clothes often I do not the truth is there is not much Dior on the streets.  My view is all runway and that is only half the picture so to me Dior is out of reach to most folks.  You decide whether that is a good thing or bad?Dior


My Definite Opinion Is That Dior Leather Dresses Can Turn A Gay Boy Straight

There is a definite opinion on Dior womens leather dresses which is that all of them are extremely attractive.  If all women could wear them it would be my view that they should wear them.  The brand does not go wrong with leather and the female body so it is not the norm on Leatherblazermen but like the man himself must be true to myself.  Pictures of Dior leather dress wearing ladies are scattered throughout and I love them with more ferocity than the mens jackets.  This moment will probably never happen again so praise Dior.

Dior Homme 2014-15 FW


With Brands Like Dior There Is No Critiscm Only Discussion

Speaking so much of the Dior brand and man himself as overindulgence luxury made for wealthy folks by wealthy folks.  Nonetheless tailored in a precise finely skilled way with top of the line products that may not be so fine or in existence at all if not for regal wealth.  That is not a excuse or stamp of approval, but we all have our place and with a name like Dior there is not criticism only discussion.Dior FW 2013


Dior Speaks Of Skilled Gluttony & Refined Overindulgence

Skilled gluttony and refined overindulgence branded into a beautiful collection which still presents today going on a century later is a talent.  Although compared to the Philipp Plein’s of modern fashion Dior looks a little conservative.  That was a joke I love Billionaire and Plein’s style.



Dior’ Death Stamp Of Approval Of Genuine Nature Of Lush Lifestyle

Dior’s death put a stamp of truth on the genuine nature to this lush lifestyle albeit surrounded in mystery to this day.  A heart attack while on vacation we know for a fact.  One story says Dior choked on a fish bone, New York Time’s obituary printed while playing cards and the Count De baron whom was also at Monticello reported a crazy sexual encounter.  1957 was year of Dior’s death leaving a legacy that stretches on now owned by Groupe Arnault the largest luxury brand in world.  Bernard Arnault also owns Louis Vuitton.-

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