Frankie Morello

Maurizio Modica e Pierfrancesco Gigliotti

Established in 1998 by Mauricio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti both part of Italian fashion company Gilmar Group.  Founded in 1999 with a fresh metropolitan vibe screaming bright colors and funky shapes.  Some Frankie Morello designs bring a nostalgia mirroring street fashion of the nineties inner city spot on. 

Gilmar Group was not new to the fashion scene in the nineties having been founded itself in 1962.  Hitting it large on the fashion scene in 1974 with Iceberg an Italian fashion house specializing in knitwear.

Gilmar Group was revolutionary being at the forefront of upscale chic sportswear.  Iceberg also aided in the popularity of prêt-à-porter fashion.  This concept is not lost in Frankie Morello which seamlessly (pun intended =) bridges the gap between high end clothes and hip streetwear.

Frankie Morello 2018 Faall
frankie morello leather Spring/Summer 2013
Spring/Summer ??

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