Givenchy came about in 1952 when Hubert de Edwardardian Givenchy and Javani Robert Durfy launched his namesake fashion house. givenchy-resort-17 givenchy-leather-coat








Givenchy Gained Critical Acclaim With First Show

Gaining immediate critical acclaim for Les Separables a collection of flowing feminine fluff wear for the elegant upper class female. That first collection gained Vogue’s attention calling it out as wonderful with that first collection containing the Bettina blouse made for the famous Bettina Graziano.givenchy-leather-coat-mr-porter

Not sure what was going on in the fashion scene at the time, but it does wet my interest? Save that intrigue for another day and let us just say Givenchy filled a void. Once again by using ingenuity as the backbone for success a fashion designer is catapulted into the legendary status.








Givenchy Uses ‘Shirting’ and Is First Luxury Ready-To-Wear Brand

Givenchy used ‘shirting’ a raw cotton stretched very thin reminding of pattern paper. Comfortable, clean, preppy and fresh are words that come to mind. Creating the first ‘shirt dress’ in mid 50’s later becoming a ‘sack dress’ later in decade. ‘Givenchy Universite’ was the first designer luxury ready-to-wear collection. In 1969 Givenchy launched menswear collection which was instantly a hit.givenchy 'leather jacket star stripedGivenchy-mens-leather-bomber-jacket-2


Balenciaga And Givenchy Supported And Admired Each Other  

Cristobal Balenciaga and Givenchy both are on top of fashion decade of 1950’s. Both fashion houses worked together with comradery and respect having offices headquartered directly across from each other in Paris. Balenciaga was a critical voice in Givenchy gaining proper license for Haute Couture inclusion and protection of design trademarks.








Muses Of Givenchy

Early muses for Givenchy were Suzy Parker and Dorian Leigh. Audrey Hepburn was the brand’s most prominent muse wearing Givenchy on and off screen for almost 40 years. The ‘little black dress Hepburn wore on Breakfast At Tiffany’s was designed by Hubert. Today the face of brand is Ariana Grande to represent a modern generation of Givenchy women.




Popular Among Celebs & Wealthy

Although not the main face of brand many top celebs sport the brand including Madonna who chose Givenchy to design costumes for ‘Sweet & Sticky tour. The luxury brand also designed the interior of the Hilton Hotels



Givenchy’s Fabulous Line Up Of Successors

Givenchy the man himself stayed with the company until 1995. Succeeded by John Galliano who only two years later was promoted to Dior only to be succeeded by another talented genius Alexander Mcqueen. In 2005 Ricardo Tisci took over both collections adding his own scattered, dark romantic style adding a new lush gothic vibe to Givenchy I really enjoyGivenchy-mens-leather-bomber-jacket-blog-showcase-3 (1).

In 2010 Givenchy Places First Transgender Person In Ad

The final note in Givenchy praise would be of the company’s use of a transgender person Lee.T in 2010 ad campaign. A Brazilian model and personal assistant of Tisci’s for years. This was the first time a transgendered individual was knowingly featured in a commercial campaign.


Official Givenchy Website

3-Avenue George V, Paris 75008 France




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