Fashion logos for many different brands which will eventually have a little history and pictures with details.Hermes

Founding father of famous Hermes French luxury fashion house was Thierry Hermes. Born in Germany 1801 the fifth child out of six.  After families death from disease he moved to France in 1828 while part of Napoleon empire. By 1837, Thierry had established a harness shop in a section of France known for catering to the upper elite in Russia, Asia and United States. In 1900, Hermes offered the first if a kind Haute Couture riding saddle bag called Haut a Courroies. Under Charles Emiles leadership the company gained exclusive rights in France to use the zipper.



Hermes Fastener, Kelly Bag, and Hermes Carres aka Square Scarf

This was cause for the French to call the zipper a ‘Hermes Fastener’ or fermeture Hermes. Adolph and Emile Maurice took over after father selling saddles to Czar of Russia. In 1924 Hermes opened stores in United States. 1922 saw the rise of the first leather duffle bag with an introduction of many new accessories as well the first women’s Couture collection in 1929. 1930’s saw many of Hermes more popular items come into existence like the square scarves aka Hermes Carres and Kelly bags named after Grace Kelly.



Luxury Geneva Watches, Silk Ties, Ladies Perfume & First Leather Golf Jacket

Hermes had a short lived deal with Niemen Marcus in the 1930’s, creating first leather golf jacket and experimented with luxury watch making joining teams with famous Swedish watchmaker Geneva. In 1949 The first ladies perfume and also man’s silk tie was introduced. The average Hermes scarf takes 250 Mulberry Moth cocoons with the company overseeing product from start to finish. After receiving the silk from China the textile is rewoven to be twice as thick making the scarves extra tough even by today’s standards.



One.1 million Hermes scarves had been sold by the 1970’s and it is estimated Hermes sells a scarf every 25 seconds.

Here is a list of famous celebrities who have worn Hermes scarves:
Audrey Hepburn
Queen Elisabeth II
Princess Grace
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Sharon Stone


Hermes Has A Vast & Diverse Product Portfolio:

-30% Leather Goods
-15% Clothing

-10% of companies total sales are of men’s neckties
-12% Scarves
-43% Perfumes, watches, stationary, household accessories and jewelry.



According to Wikipedia the company maintains control over all products never licensing out production producing everything in small batches at facility in Lyons France. Also notable would be Hermes joining teams with Saint Louis a crystal glass extraordinaire founded in 1856 became part of Hermes team in 1989. In 2015 Hermes teamed up with Apple to create a luxury smartwatch.



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