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Arashi Yanagawa is fashion designer that established John Lawrence Sullivan.

Arashi Yanagawa is the fashion designer behind label John Lawrence Sullivan.  Established in 2003-2004 fashion shows in Japan for the Fall/Winter season.  Slim, precisely tailored suits made from only proper English textiles many of which are found in old factories and buildings in London and such places.

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Where Name

John Lawrence Sullivan came from?

John Lawrence Sullivan is the name of a boxer who was the last heavyweight bare knuckle boxer also known as ‘Boston Strong boy.  Living from 1858-1918 the boxer left a strong legacy.  With themes surrounding John Lawrence Sullivan being championship, strength, and overall spirit of striving toward victory this name is perfect.


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JLS Established In Fashion Industry 2003/2004 After Professional Boxing

Yanagawa who was born in Hiroshima is also known for making a line of boxing gear.   The designers first career was a professional boxer following in family tradition before jumping in to fashion industry.  The strong contrast in careers gives him broader experience which can be seen in the diversity of styles used in his clothes. 

My impression from watching JLS runway shows was as follows:


-Some folks might say grunge, but if you take a look at the pricetag it is anything but.  Not saying that it is bad or good either way just that Grunge is a mindset not a style.

-Dark and somber

-Slightly unconventional, doesn’t stray that far from norm







John Lawrence Sullivan Premiered On Tokyo Fashion Stage in 2007

First runway show in 2003/2004 took place in Japan. In 2007 John Lawrence Sullivan premiered on the stage of Tokyo Fashion Week.  Since carving an even deeper impression on the fashion scene and world at large having the label appear in major boutiques and stores across the globe.


John L Sulivan

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John Lawrence Sullivan

 ISETAN Shinjuku 3-14-1 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku 160-0022 Tokyo Japan 

P : +81 (0)3 3352 1111

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