Juun J/Lone Costume
Juun J Photograph by Victor Virgil

Juun J graduated from ESMOD Seoul in 1992.

Every Artists Dream Is To Be Appreciated For Work

There is not a large amount of information floating around about Juun J.  In the articles that I read it is like the man himself is either hidden or lost within the sheer greatness of his work.  In a nutshell his works of art is adored so much that is enough for public. 

Every artist dream come true especially in a world in which it is hard to see beyond the scandals, egos and stereotypes.  Refreshing even if the designer himself  sells out every chance he gets in order for growth. 

Juun J ss2017

Selling Out Not Always Bad If Maintaining Original Style & Character

This does not seem to have dulled his creativity nor entered him into the mainstream ‘Pop Box’ which is what gives selling out such a bad connotation.








Lots of high compliments with vague facts like Juun J working for several ‘notable’ designers before starting a label called Lone Costume in 1999.  Juun J AW 2010-11 Tokyo Juun J Fall Winter 2018


Juun J Brand Founded in 2007 After Lonesome Costume The Designers First Brand

June J is a label run under Samsung C&T being designer their line of mens clothes which was started in 2007.  Since the first show that year Juun J has presented every year since.



Juun J Fostered Fan Base With Celebrity Appeal

Fostering a stronger fan base with celebrity endorsements like Rihanna and Drake sporting his uniquely styled gear.  No doubt since entering the world stage in 2007 the brand has only grown.Juun J Fall Winter 2018

Marked Juun J Into The Global Market

2012 marked his global decent by joining the esteemed and powerful Cheil worldwide a marketing company owned by Samsung. 




Goal Of Brand Juun J Is A Focus On Classics Meshed With Streetwear



Juun J brand takes speciality with classic fashion and tailoring.  A goal for this brand is to focus on these classics like the aviator bomber or G-Suit meshing with modern hip-hop street appeal.

 Designer Feels Skin Covered With Layers Is Nicer Than Bare Skin

Being covered up is also another recurring theme in Juun J’s work for the designer himself has stated his view that many layers of covered skin is nicer than showing it bare.Juun J space Gear

The brand Juun J now has around 100 stores spread across 30 countries in high end stores like Harrods.




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