FouNDED IN 1924


What Do Amelia Earhart, Kate Moss, Lawrence of Arabia, Liv Tyler, Che Guevara and Ewan McGregor have in common?


Good taste for their love of Belstaff fashion.  Belstaff has been a mainstay in fashion, especially motorcycle leather since 1924.  Founded in Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire by Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg his son-in-law until 1948.  Harry Halstead bought the company in 1948 making Belstaff a subsidiary.  In 2004 the company traded hands being owned by Franco Malenotti of Sponsor SA Italy until 2011 when purchased by Slatkin.  Only 3 years later Belstaff was incorporated into JAB Luxury when finally (for now) in 2018 purchased by INEOS a UK chemical company headquartered in London



Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson both pioneering female aviatrixes wore Belstaff and were regular customers.  Amy Johnson was first female to fly from England leaving May 5th to Australia arriving May 24th


During WWII Belstaff was a huge supplier of parachutes and aviator gear being the first company to provide waterproof material.


During his revolutionary 8 month journey through jungles, mountains, deserts all over South America riding on a 1939 one cylinder motorcycle Che Guevara wears Belstaff leather 

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