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Number 11 out of 14 Children In A Very Poor Family

Salvatore Ferragamo was a very interesting character. He could have been lost early in life being number 11 out of 14 children.  Born in 1898 in a beautiful, yet not so luxurious nor wealthy part of Italy.


Making First Pair Of Shoes (Pair Of High Heels)  For Himself At 9

Ferragamo had the obvious calling toward fashion making his first pair of shoes at age nine.  This was something he felt passionate about making a fabulous pair of high heels for himself.  Also for his sisters to wear for confirmation which is a very important event for young catholics.


Motivated, Focused, Extremely Creative with A Engineer Mindset

By 1914 young Ferragamo had already studied shoemaking for a year in Naples Italy and started a small shop in his parents home.  Being the motivated, focused designer whose story should make any young artist want to work hard.  At age 16 he traveled around the world emigrating to Boston Massachusetts.salvatore-ferragamo-men-fall-winter-2014-show-photos-0026




From Italy to Boston Onto Hollywood by age 18

With a brother already in the Northeast working at a factory it was a little easier to gain a footing albeit a very brave act to move so far from home at such a young age.  Very sure of himself Salvatore convinced his brother to move to California where success met him face on first with a shop in Hollywood. 


Shoes For Movie Stars

Initially a shoe repair man and measure-to-made owning Hollywood Boot Shop.  The talented craftsmanship walking around on feet all over city was bound to get noticed by the cinema.  Which it did leaving Ferragamo working for the likes of Cecil B Demille and Gloria Swanson.

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Ferragamo’s Passion Is Seriously What Dreams Are Made Of

Ferragamo’s passion is seriously what dreams are all about.  The shoemaker cared so much about the trade his love of footwear took him to the University of California to study anatomy.  Not only should shoes be useful, fashionable, but how about they do not cause feet so much pain. 

salvatore fall 2013 Ferragamo


13 Years In America Earning Reputation And Education In Anatomy

After designing shoes for the stars and movie scenes Ferragamo now with a reputation and degree 13 years older decided to return to Italy.  So liked were the shoes in which this over achiever made famous folks like Marilyn Monroe and Eva Peron still ordered shoes from the boss. 


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Created ‘The Rainbow’ Platform Shoes For Judy Garland

The Hollywood shoe man was around for the onset of early film with a special role of bringing back the platform shoe to the west for the first time in decades.  In honor of ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Salvatore made them for Judy Garland naming them ‘The Rainbow’.  


Innovative Ferragamo Invented ‘ Wedge’ And ‘Cage’ Heels

With such a strong focus on innovation of new, healthier foot protection Ferragamo created several new trends in footwear.  Some examples of the new style this Italian podo-genius thought of are the ‘Wedge Heel’, his most famous the ‘Cage Heel’. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2013


After Salvatore Ferragamo’s death in 1960 his wife Wanda Ran Company

The design called ‘Vara Pumps’ was created by Fiamma the oldest daughter of six in 1978 almost 20 years after his death in 1960.  Wanda took over the business as widow with help of the six children the couple created.  Although it is a family rule for only 3 members to work at Salvatore Ferragamo at the same time so the Wikipedia says there is strong competition.  I can only imagine =)

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Ferragamo Family Is Loyal, Dignified Bunch

 That is a loyal dignified bunch considering the business stayed within Ferragamo family for over a hundred years and they put family first.  Go figure?  Seems like a good notion for the modern era that by putting family number one success is much more possible.

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Successful Companies like Salvatore Ferragamo With Little Gloom And Doom  in their story Are Hard to Come By

Many refreshing facts about this fashion designer with very little drama only seeing a little gloom and doom in the 1930’s when filing for bankruptcy.  That statement is followed by the rehiring of 700 employees in the 1950’s which coincided with an expansion into other luxury goods.  In 2013 the family business started the Ferragamo foundation which supports young fashion designers.



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Museum In Florence Italy Opened in Palazzo Salvatore purchased in the 1930’s with over 10,000 Models Of Shoes by Ferragamo.

A museum in Florence opened in his name at the Palazzo Spini Feroni in 1995 albeit the palazzo was purchased in 1935 by Ferragamo himself. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Museum 

The museum hosts over 10,000 models of shoes the maestro of podoriffic proportions created with a continual parade of newbies donated by the family all the time.
Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Fall 2012
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